HVC 500 vibration calibrator

HVC-500 Vibration Calibrator

The HVC-500 is a small, self-contained handheld shaker designed for quick and easy checking of accelerometers, vibration monitoring and protection systems and data recorders

Model HVC-500 permits accurate adjustment of measuring instrumentation at a standard acceleration level of 10 m/s² (0 –150 g load). The reference signal may additionally be used for velocity and displacement calibration, at 10 mm/s  and 10 µm, respectively.

The calibrator is as an electromagnetic exciter driven by a crystal oscillator at a frequency of 159.15 Hz with servo feedback via a small accelerometer on the underside of the vibration mandrel which is used to maintain a constant and accurate vibration level independent of the mass of the transducer under test.

  • Switchable 1 g RMS Acceleration output
  • Drives vibration transducers which weigh up to 150 g
  • Operates at 159.2 Hz (1000 rad/sec)
  • Internal Battery
  • CE compliant
  • Provides 80 to 1600 calibration cycles, depending on accelerometer weight and is powered by a self contained battery pack. The automatic shut off after a 1.75 minute cycle can be overridden by a switch to provide continuous operation when required
  • Protected against overload by mechanical stops
Operating Frequency159.2 Hz ± 0.5 %
Acceleration Output10 m/s² (RMS) ± 3%
Velocity Output10 mm/s (RMS) ± 3%
Displacement Output10 µm (RMS) ± 3%
Transverse Output< 5%
Distortion< 3%
Maximum Load150 g
Ramp-Up Time< 3 Seconds
Operating Conditions

Temperature: -10~40°C

Humidity : < 85 %RH

Internal Battery1x9V 6F22
Size (Diameter x Height)56 mm x 200 mm
Weight (with batteries)900 g