Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring

Wind turbine

The wind energy industry faces a constant state of evolution because of challenges such as the pressure to be competitive with other types of energy production and the growing need to reduce operating and maintenance costs. Condition monitoring by our expert team offers you a way to reduce the cost of ownership for these critical machines by predicting failures before they occur, which helps you effectively schedule proper maintenance. Vibration monitoring is one of the most important aspects of wind turbine monitoring because it helps to determine the condition of the equipment. A wind turbine consists of a turbine rotor, stator, bearings, gearbox, and generator which all need the corresponding sophisticated signal processing and analysis.

Hydro Turbine Condition Monitoring

condition monitoring solution

Use of vibration and process control parameter monitoring and machinery protection systems on large rotating machines have long been recognized as a valuable tool in the prevention of component and machinery failure. Several international standards have been developed exclusively for hydro machinery. Some of these standards have been summarized here for introduction: EN 60994, GB/T 11348.5, GB/T 17189ISO 10816-6ISO 7919-5 and ISO 10817. In accordance with the mentioned standards, PTP has developed a specific condition monitoring & protection system customized for hydro turbines and generators

Cooling Tower Condition Monitoring

condition monitoring solution for cooling tower

Cooling tower fans operate under different load conditions. They often only run at peak load for short periods. With differing stresses over a prolonged period, the mechanical components can develop degraded performance, which leads to failure. As with any rotating equipment, bearing and gear failures, misaligned drive shafts, and excessive vibration are common. On the other hand, the structure of a cooling tower makes collecting vibration data on the gearbox difficult and dangerous without permanently installed sensors

Gas Turbine Condition Monitoring

gas turbine condition monitoring

Gas turbines usually use fluid-film bearings for both radial and axial shaft support and generally employ conventional lube oil and seal oil auxiliary systems, featuring heavy construction. These devices often have a direct-coupled, integral power turbine that extracts all the energy needed to both drive the compressor section of the turbine and transmit torque to the driven equipment through an output shaft.

Rotary Machines of Cement Condition Monitoring Solution

As most Critical Machines have already been supplied with Protection Systems many of which are or becoming obsolete a replacement systems can be modeled after the existing system's hardware. The following will help you ensure that the system is provided for new or replacement vibration monitoring systems meets the intent of API-670. 

Cement companies need to run for long times without a shutdown like 6 months. Condition monitoring & vibration protection of rotary machines enables the user to detect and prevent failures before creating downtime. Faults which can be detected by vibration measurement