Cement Industry Machinery Diagnosis

Cement as a primary material used for construction has one of the most production rates among industrial products, its application is visible everywhere around us from buildings to bridges and roads. Cement manufacturing companies have got harsh and rough environments as a result of high particle content in the air, which makes a serious requirement for the machinery and systems used in the field to be quite rugged.

Worldwide demand for cement has been growing with modernization and a number of companies in the field have always been growing. Without reliable condition monitoring and protection systems, cement plant machinery may get involved in problems. We at Precision Tech Plus are equipped to provide a perfect solution for vibration protection and online condition monitoring of rotary machinery in cement industry including manufacturing, installation, commissioning and training.

Condition Monitoring and Vibration Protection

Cement companies need to run for long times without a shutdown like 6 months. Condition monitoring & vibration protection of rotary machines enables the user to detect and prevent failures before creating downtime. Faults which can be detected by vibration measurement is as follows:

  • bearing damage & lubrication problems
  • imbalance & misalignment
  • looseness, resonance and structural related problems
  • gearbox & conveyor belt problems and damage
  • foundation movement, coupling damage & inadequate support

Cement Production Process

The cement manufacturing process in many companies is more or less like the one shown below. Steps to manufacture cement is usually as follows:

  • Milling of raw input materials in several stages
  •  processing of the raw materials to form cement clinker
  • Cooling and storage of clinker
  • Final finish milling
cement industry condition monitoring
Precision Tech Plus Solution
Based on a profound engineering observation on the cement industry we at Precision Tech Plus have developed the best solutions for condition monitoring and protection systems. Signal outputs from accelerometers installed can be read periodically by VD-5 or continuously by V400 vibration measurement and protection system. Both devices may be connected (VD-5 offline, V400 online) to the computer and transmit data to the software which contains monitoring functions such as time signal, spectrum, waterfall, orbit, etc. In each of the machines mentioned above, a certain type of sensors and measurement systems are the correct types based on the importance of the machine role in the production, operating conditions and company financial investment which Precision Tech Plus is ready to provide solutions.