Rail Mount Vibration Signal Conditioner Transmitter

The Stand-Alone Analog/Digital Protection System meets the requirements of API-670 and provides all the features of the above. Protection System with the addition of one (VC200A) and two separate (VC210A) relay outputs …

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Replacement Shim Pack

Precision Tech Plus designates our products packing in an appropriate style for refilling our shim kits in a job or even to use for small quantity user in misalignment events and is cost effective for those customers who intend reducing even more cost …

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Pre Cut Shim & Spacer Within an Impact Resistance Casing

Precision Tech Plus offers you sets of shims of 180, 360 and 540 pieces within a very unique and handy universal kit. Our products also are extremely handy with exclusive designated tab to speed up misalignment task and they are …

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Four Channel Machine Protection System & Diagnostic

The V400 Machine Protection Monitor is a high performance fully programmable, signal conditioning unit …

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VA2000 Rack-Mount Sound & Vibration Analyzer

VA-2000 Rack-Mount has been designed to be connected either to transducers directly, or to vibration protection systems, consequently it can cover up all that needed from measurement to analysis from spectrum to orbit and other vibration damage …

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Custom Shim & Spacer Laser Cut For Your Needs

Laser cut shims in carbon steel, stainless steel or brass. In thicknesses from 0.01 mm (0.0004″) up to 5 mm. Shim material supplied in T3 thickness tolerance (e.g. 0.1 mm material  ±4µ.) …

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Online Monitoring of Cooling Tower and Its Benefits

The vibration monitoring solution is a reliable and cost-effective engineering solution delivering an awareness of cooling tower components.  

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Vibration Protection and Condition Monitoring System

Precision Tech Plus offers condition monitoring services and vibration protection for those companies with a wide range of the rotating machine in operation.

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Vibration Monitoring in Cement Industry

Reliable engineering solution for vibration protection and online and on-site predictive monitoring of rotary machinery in cement industry. Fully integrated CMS is optimising all equipment in operation

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