Shim Products

Large stocks of Stainless Steel 304 allow for costumed design shim and spacer for your drawing for any specific need. Precision Tech Plus can supply pre-cut standards U slotted shim with more than 10 different thicknesses allowing shaft alignment of rotating equipment.

Condition Monitoring Service

Condition Monitoring

New Production Line

Our Product Design Engineer team is delighted to announce that in 2019 Precision tech Plus Ltd is committed to introducing our new condition monitoring equipment and vibration analysis software. Please bear with us while we are working on this project.


Quality Assurance

Precision Tech Plus Ltd is dedicated to ensuring quality throughout all processes and products. Precision Tech Plus’s culture has been cherished to respect quality above any other attribute and it is not only fully recognised within our organisation, but it is the main policy to ensuring customer satisfaction and their experience. The company is committed to maintaining its quality edge whilst investing in new manufacturing technology and learning for the future to stay in this competitive field.

Precision Tech Plus Ltd is always intending purposely to implement regulatory standards to meet customers’ reassurance.


Quality Reassurance / Customer Service

By implementing a Management Quality System which is committed by each individual within the organisation, in understanding that our main concern is quality, the above statement is achievable.

From Planning throughout the manufacturing and packaging the Quality System gives us assurance of the quality of product and continuously improve the service and product by employing the defect prevention techniques during the process.


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