Rod Drop Signal Conditioner and Transmitter Module

This module measures the piston rod drop for reciprocating machines and meets the requirements of API-670 providing all the features of VC210A with relay outputs as trip, and an on-board display to show the instantaneous value of rod drop values (either probe distance to rod or actual rider point). Besides that, VC200R has 4-20mA output signal which may be transmitted to PLC/DCS or any other standard recorder. Sensor error, Danger/ Alarm status , alarm delay, bypass, latching or non-latching relays, energies and non-energized relays are also provided. Three measurement modes which consist from reference point, average mode and maximum drop point of piston rod. Just like other transmitters terminal for remote reset .

* Modbus RTU (RS-485) protocol communication is supported
VC200-R Technical Documentation