SK 540    A  C

Size ABC

U-slotted Stainless Steel Shim with Tab, 540 Pre-cut Alignment Shims

Our unique and universal SK 540 shim kit is the best way to achieve the highest standard in monitoring performance and reduce repairing time during conditioning monitoring. Our practical SK ABC Shim kit consists 540 shims giving the expert this condition to have combination of three size of 50 mm,75 mm2 and 100 mm2 for speeding up machine alignment. Quality pre-cut u-slotted 304 series stainless steel shims Size ABC are designated to achieve accurate alignment for applications range power from 0.25 up to 200 HP. Size ABC sets 540 shims in 9 thickness from 0.05 mm up to 2.00 mm in.


  • Thickness clearly marked on each shim
  • Permanent etching
  • Manufacturing from high-quality Stainless-Steel grade 304
  • Reusable depending on the setting applications
  • Accurate alignment with an applicable tolerance
  • Fully de-burred
  • No costly material wastage
  • No sharp edges
  • Packed in watertight rugged plastic case
  • Easy to fit and remove