Multichannel Simultaneous Sound and Vibration Analyzer :

VA-2000 is a portable online multichannel dynamic signal analyser, which enjoys the most useful vibration analysis functions all in one portable device.

VA-2000 is also a comprehensive solution to vibration measurement & analysis problems designed for both field and laboratory applications.

VA-2000 has been designed to be connected either to transducers directly, or to vibration protection systems , consequently it can cover up all that needed from measurement to analysis from spectrum to orbit and other vibration damage detection functions.

sound and vibration analyser
Complete Solution

VA-2000 can take up to 24 dynamic signal inputs. Inputs may be connected to all vibration transducers including accelerometer, velocity,  displacement also tachometer signals.


One trigger input for forced response measurement and modal analysis and one signal generator output for shaker/calibrator signal generation is also present. Moreover, being battery powered makes it useful for in-situ applications.


Designed for a variety of measurement applications, VA-2000 contains all the measurement functions needed in vibration analysis such as spectrum, bode, polar, orbit, balancing, modal analysis, to make sure user would not miss a function


CMS-Pro relieves user of all software needs from flexible measurement to expert reporting.  CMS-Pro synergizes all functions needed for a thorough measurement, analysis & report project.


Fully customized software applications create an environment which meets most of sound & vibration needs from rigid / flexible rotor balancing to modal testing & analysis. In addition, various data record extensions enables user to analyse data further in 3rd party software platforms.


CMS-PRO can read data by TCP/IP connection from VA-2000, it can  also  get data from 3rd party hardware over Modbus protocol especially used in industrial applications with important process values & parameters such as temperature, pressure …


VA2000 Sound and Vibration Analyses Datasheet

PTP is a manufacturer of sound and vibration measurement systems which designs and manufactures its products and produces solution packages for different applications from wind turbine to hydro machinery, from vibration labs to gearbox performance test labs each with its own customized solution.