Multichannel Simultaneous Sound and Vibration  Rack mount Analyzer

The VAS2000-Series instrument module is a high-performance, multifunction data acquisition device for the Ethernet bus.

The key hardware features of the VA2000-Series instrument module are as follows:

  • Simultaneous analog input and waveform analog output operations
  • Analog input subsystem:
  • 24, simultaneous 16-bit A/D converters

  • Throughput rate up to 40.960 kSamples/s for simultaneous, high-resolution measurements
  • Input range of ±10 V with hardware-selectable gains of 1/4 ,1/2, 1,2,5 and 10 for an effective input range of 6 V RMS
  • Support for IEPE (Integrated Electronic Piezoelectric) inputs, including use of a 4 mA current source with 24 V compliance voltage, and AC or DC coupling
  • The ability to return the value of the tachometer in the analog input data stream, allowing you to measure the period or frequency of the tachometer input signal synchronously with analog input measurements
  • Software-programmable trigger type (software, analog threshold trigger) to start the analog input operation. You can also program the analog input threshold value.
  • Hardware-selectable filter of 5th Order Butter-worth :1,5,10,40 KHz
  • Analog output subsystem:
  • One 12-bit D/A converter
  • Single value and waveform output mode
  • Programmable output rate from 10 kSamples/s
  • Output range of 1.5 V