Protecting Your Critical Rotating Machinery

V400 machine protection system is a high performance fully programmable signal measurement unit capable of monitoring 4 channels of absolute vibration, relative shaft vibration or thrust position. In addition first input is available as standard for measuring speed or for use as a phase reference. The 9*9cm panel mountable module is designed specifically for machine protection applications, offering a compact and cost effective solution with a range of measurement algorithms.

The sensor interface is programmable to accept IEPE type accelerometers / velocity transducers, proximity probes (API 670 standard compliant), and active / passive speed probes. All input signals are available via a buffered interface on front end BNC connections to offer the option of further detailed signal analysis.
Two alarm relays are available, these relays are fully programmable across the alarm criteria selected. All four input channels measured values are available via a 4-20mA interface.
V400 is provided with a graphic LCD display and menu drive facility to provide immediate viewing and access to the machine parameters.


  • Continuous monitoring for machine protection
  • Accepts vibration, position, speed or
    analog output sensors
  • Local bar graph display with alarm indicators
  • 3 Levels of alarm per channel (OK, ALERT and DANGER)
  • Four configurable 4-20 mA recorder outputs
  • Modbus RS 485 output
  • Buffered outputs per channel (BNC )
  • API 670 compliant
  • 18-36 VDC or 110-220VAC powered


  • Small to Medium Industrial Machines
  • Fans, Pumps, Motors, Centrifuges and Turbines
  • Shutdown Protection and Condition Monitoring


V400 CMPS General Datasheet

V400 CMPS Technical Specification